New Freshman Class Still Not That Important

The class of 2021 is kicking off its entrance into the high school with gusto. The school year seemed to begin a little early for some of us, considering we had hoco proposals weeks before school even started. And once the dominoes started to drop that fateful August night, everyone seemed to be dropping pics of them asking on their snapchat stories. Our dark horse to be the talk of Homecoming is Bo Wilbanks. The hypest man on the football team is likely to pull a power play on the dance floor which could lead to some contagious jiving from mister Kinard. Gentleman Scholar Athlete is the textbook, but the motto “kings do kingly things” should still be held dear to these young gentlemans hearts.

Entering the academic realm of high school was to be feared as an impossibility by all the “froshmen,” but now that our classes are in full stride and mostly sailing through homework and quizzes with ease, we wonder: “how did Mark Antony prepare me for this again?” But none the less, we are gliding. But everyone needs to scream every now and then.

The freshman class usually uses the student section as a time to scream out academic struggles. When you hear one of us scream, which probably resembles a melodic “weeeeeeee,” please realize that scream means something different on the inside. Some examples would be: “I wasn’t answering with um, I just said it!”, “How does vat not prove vat!”, or the most commonly inferred “I have to do Membean in 45 minutes!” Some other roles have been taken which include the “watch this” guy and the “you won’t throw that bottle” guy.

Some of us now feel a liberating amount of freedom, something never before experienced in the junior school. Expressions of this freedom include wearing Vans and not being reprimanded. Freedom at last! (That is until Coach McMahan sees.)

At this point in the article we would like to request financial support to send Warner Greene on a permanent Wilson Grant back to Lithuania after hearing of his adventures and social interactions which seem far beyond that of any MBA boy. Now, he is simply too far above us, and we can no longer keep cutting his feathers. We must let him spread his wings (preferably in another country).

Now for the realistic and serious portion. We are now officially in high school, and, all jokes aside, this requires us to possess more responsibility and better time-management. Junior school did prepare us for some things, including the empowerment to be our own encouragement and crank out the ominous tests or themes that seem so far away until they are nearly upon us (though cranking out does sometime occur on the morning of said assignment). Nevertheless, with the growing responsibilities comes the expectation that we will not need anyone to hold our hands.

The 9th grade year is off to a fantastic start. We are the largest class in MBA history, and with the wonderful addition of new students, it is up to us to leave a legacy. What will our class be remembered as? What can we do to make this year the best one yet?