Roberts Questions Green Zones

Every student on campus is familiar with the term “green zone.” Located in the library and the Lowry student center, the green zones are the only two areas on campus where you may use your cell phone during the school day. If you are caught using your phone anywhere else on campus, you risk receiving demerits.

Many MBA students have grown frustrated with this system. Although we’re grateful that the green zones have been put in place, as opposed to not having them at all, I would argue that students should be given more freedom to use our cellular devices.

Many students are wondering why the dining hall isn’t a green zone. If we are not in class, and thus phone usage isn’t affecting our studies, what harm would come from being able to check Instagram while eating lunch, or to look up a certain NFL player’s number of rushing yards to support your position in a friendly debate about football?

Picture this scenario: a certain freshman is sitting patiently outside Mr. Stewart’s classroom, waiting for class to begin. He decides to pull his phone out and play some Clash of Clans. A teacher spots him, confiscates his phone for the rest of the day, and states that he will be receiving demerits. The student is left both wondering why what he did was wrong, and dreading having to attend demerit hall on the following Saturday. 

  FUTURE GREEN ZONE?  :   Roberts’ proposal would make the Dining Hall a Green Zone.   PHOTO:

FUTURE GREEN ZONE?: Roberts’ proposal would make the Dining Hall a Green Zone. PHOTO:

As long as usage of a cell phone in any particular circumstance is not affecting or interrupting our ability to learn material, I believe that students should be given freedom to use them. I propose that all cell phone usage outside of class be allowed.

I, of course, understand the administration’s well-meaning intent with their implementation of the green zone policy. They want students to be able to learn without hindrance and they also want students to respect teachers by giving them their undivided attention. However, I believe my proposal is in accordance with those wishes because as long as cell phones are being used outside of class, there is no impact on a student’s absorbing of the material being taught.

I would encourage our student body president, our student council, and our administration to meet and have a discussion about this matter. The students would greatly appreciate this rule being changed, and I believe that it would improve quality of student life at Montgomery Bell Academy.