Big Red Hockey Ready For Rebound Season

Everyone remembers last year’s hockey state championship. Ravenwood scored with 23 seconds left in the game and they would go on to win the game in overtime. This game was a tough pill to swallow for the team and was a story all too familiar, but the coaches knew that they could rebound from the game and make the 2017-2018 season the best for the Big Red.

Coming into this season, six seniors graduated: Jacob Kovick, Ellis Moore, Jack Anderson, Noah Wamble, Nick Ray, and Jake Evans. There are some very strong freshman coming into the program this year. Luke Haley, Will Morrison, and Will Myers highlight the freshman class and bring some very good talent to the defensive side of the puck. One position that will be big for the Big Red this year is goalie. The two biggest losses from last season were Wamble and Anderson as this would leave the most important role on the team, goalie, open. The offseason has been important in training Issac Sedek and Henry Hylbert to fill the void left by the two graduated seniors. Coach Deutsch was able to rent out a state-of-the-art hockey training facility, Breakaway Hockey, in order to grow the team’s skill. Here Isaac and Henry were given top notch training to insure they would be ready for the start of the season. This facility also allowed the incoming freshman to bond and grew the overall team dynamic. The Big Red hockey team also added Ms. Raines to help with off-ice conditioning over the summer and throughout the season. She will push the team to make sure they will be ready for anything that the competition throws at them. “Legs feed the wolves,” and with Breakaway and Coach Raines, the Big Red are ready for anything.

Coach Tim Kovick talks to the team in between periods.

Coach Tim Kovick talks to the team in between periods.

Coach Deutsch and Coach Tim Kovick set up a very balanced preseason for the team that would allow the team to mold together and allow Isaac and Henry to gain more confidence going into the GNASH season. The first of the three trips was a one game voyage to Owensboro, Kentucky. Owensboro came out with the win that game but there were many lessons learned. First, the team learned not to take anything for granted. This was MBA’s first loss to Owensboro and having now lost to them, the Big Red must play their hearts out for every game in order to get a win. Second, the importance of teamwork was realized as arguments on the bench would not help win games. A positive from the game was that even though they lost, the Big Red out played Owensboro most of the game and they saw their true potential. Isaac Sedek and Henry played well showing hope for the upcoming year.

The second trip was to Louisville where the Big Red would face off against Trinity High School. With two back to back games all the conditioning with Coach Raines paid off, as the Big Red dominated the play and out skated Trinity in both games. The difference in play from Owensboro to Trinity was huge. There was a bigger sense of teamwork amongst the group, and the games flowed better. The team’s true skill was shown.

The third and final trip of the preseason was to Huntsville, where the Big Red played against the U16 AA Huntsville Chargers. While being the younger team, the Chargers still had some talent that could not be taken for granted. Coach Kovick put it perfectly by saying, “We do not know what any team will have talent wise, we will just have to play our game and we can beat anyone.” That’s just what they did, winning both games by a score of 5-3 and 8-0. The Big Red dominated play and controlled every aspect. These three weekends will make the difference for the regular season. Isaac and Henry will be ready for anything thrown at them and there is a lot of confidence in their abilities to allow this team to have success.