Shoes From Around the School

Duck Boots: Nothing says true American fashion like a nice pair of L.L. Bean Duck Boots. The story of how they were invented is a strong indication of how important they have been in shaping US History. Following his invention of the bifocal glasses, Benjamin Franklin moved on to something far more important, the Duck Boot. Inspired by the time he accidentally dropped his leather jacket onto his Crocs, which, as everyone knows, were invented in the late sixteenth century to be used by Conquistadors in the new world, Ben Franklin got out his sewing kit and set to work. Since then, the historic shoe has been worn in every armed conflict involving the United States. Their multi-functional design and an intimidating look is sure to send the enemy running for the hills. Recently, they have been worn to tackle tough climates in the Middle-East as well as in Nashville, TN, where Duck Boots have been found to be the only solution to MBA’s rough terrain.

Sperry Top-Siders: Shoes that are worn by so many MBA students that it is surprising we do not have a building named after them, the Sperry Top-Sider has become a hallmark on the hill. Every single pair of these iconic shoes goes on a similar journey in its lifetime. Initially purchased by someone’s mother before they start MBA in the seventh grade, they become worn down by countless days of strutting around the hill until all that remains is a piece of flopping leather held together by a few strings, working desperately to make it to the end of the day. In a way, their journey perfectly resembles that of an MBA student.

Cowboy Boots: The perfect shoe for any student, provided that they are riding a horse to school and lassoing cattle between periods. The next time that you think you have spotted Clint Eastwood walking on campus, look a bit closer and you will realize that it is only an eighth grader wearing cowboy boots.

Tennis Shoes: These shoes are a favorite of Juniors and Seniors claiming to have either an injury or be in a sport that prevents them from wearing normal shoes like everyone else. Tennis Shoes are undoubtedly the boldest choice of footwear as they are not only a clear violation of the dress code but also said to give off a scent that can be tracked by Coach Shone from up to five miles away.

The Duck Boot, Sperry, Cowboy, and Yeezy (tennis shoe)